Why ProPoly Products?

ProPoly cushioning will:

  • Protect the health and prolong the working lives of heavy equipment operators. 
  • Save truckers from a lot of pain. 
  • Make long flights easy to endure. 
  • Reduce or eliminate the frustration of vibrating appliance and other noises. 
  • Make motorcycle rides much more enjoyable.
  • Save your horse from back pain. 
  • Bring a whole new level of comfort to shoes and boots. 
  • Save the knees of those who kneel to work. 
  • Take the sting out of catching a fastball
  • ….that is the ProPoly promise.        

Common features offered by all ProPoly cushioning products:

  • Shock absorbing
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Vibration dampening
  • Supports weight without bottoming out
  • Fire rated as self-extinguishing

Medically-proven relief and protection

The same kind of pressure that causes bed sores and nerve damage in people who are bed-ridden or in wheelchairs or those undergoing lengthy operations, also causes injury, discomfort and long-term problems among otherwise healthy people.

The pressure of your own weight cuts off blood supply and oxygen to tissue.  The result is soreness, discomfort and eventually, debilitating injury. This is a common problem among people who sit for long periods – like long haul truckers, sales travelers and even airline passengers. It is even more common among heavy equipment operators where the pressure is exacerbated by vibrations. Motorcyclists, even with expensive custom seats, experience these issues after relatively short rides. And, the same kind of pressure causes serious foot problems among people who stand or walk for long periods.   ProPoly cushioning products alleviate or eliminate all these health problems.

The proprietary Akton® Viscoelastic Polymer, used successfully for more than 40 years in the medical world is the preferred product in preventing pressure ulcers in Operating Rooms and is effective in other medical uses and long-term care facilities. It evenly and effectively distributes the pressure of weight, allowing blood flow and oxygen supply to be maintained and eliminating pressure points where the flow is cut off.