Heavy Equipment

This is where ProPoly got its start.  Pat Surette is a heavy equipment operator who, after years on the job, developed nerve damage from prolonged sitting along with the vibrations of the machine.  He saw doctors, went to physio, specialists, took time off, nothing worked .  Pat’s job was in jeopardy and his enjoyment of life was diminished.   Then he found Akton® Polymer and everything changed.  He sat on the Akton® cushion every day at work.  The pain was gone and it hasn’t come back.

Pat went to work with Action, the developer of Akton® and ProPoly was born.  Pat knows his ProPoly cushioning will extend the pain-free worklife of every heavy equipment operator who uses it.  The ProPoly cushion distributes weight and the pressure it creates evenly, eliminating sore spots and injuries that occur when the pressure cuts off blood and oxygen supply to tissue.  It reduces shear and vibration.

Heavy equipment operators can work longer, more comfortably and free from injury.  And they go home without a pain in the butt.

Strongest backside protection with exceptional pressure relief
Exceptional pressure relief for high-mileage sitters