Recreation & Leisure


Imagine the weight pressure of just an average-sized person on the horse.  Pressure points can often be seen in the coat of the horse after the saddle and blanket are removed.   A ProPoly Akton® equestrian pad will evenly distribute the rider’s weight, eliminating pressure points that irritate and eventually injury your horse.

Other Sport/Recreation

Have you ever been on the receiving end of a 80-mile-an-hour fastball.  Slip a ProPoly custom pad in your glove and the sting is gone. Rowers and paddlers suffer pressure-point pain and injuries related to the intensity of weight pressure over a limted area.  Usually, the seat for rowers, the knee for paddlers. ProPoly pads are helping Olympic-class athletes eliminate the pain.

Whether you are a weekend warrior or a world-class performer, if your recreation or sport results in pain or injury from the pressure of your weight, ProPoly has the right pad or cushion for you.

Strongest backside protection with exceptional pressure relief
Exceptional pressure relief for high-mileage sitters
The best pad option for the desk professional
Transportable from office to car to flight to sport field to stadium