PROPOLY CUSHIONING™ The proven solution to pressure pain and injuries

The polymer in ProPoly cushioning products effectively distributes weight and spreads pressure evenly.  The result is long term comfort and no sore spots or injuries.  Science and experience offer the proof.

“My health problems developed because I operate heavy machinery.  Pain and nerve damage caused by the pressure of extended seating combined with shear and vibration put my job at risk and ruined my enjoyment of life. This product stopped the pain and gave me back my health.  I want others to have access to those same benefits. ”

~Pat Surette, President, ProPoly Cushioning Inc.

The proof is in the science. 

Science and experience offer the proof. 

Unlike many other products that make similar claims, ProPoly ™ seating surfaces are not soft or pillow-like. Those cushions may feel good for a short time but their benefits don’t last. Indeed, they can cause more harm. Poor support from soft cushioning surfaces is a known contributor to posture misalignment. Foam pads aren’t the answer either. They lose their pressure-distributing and shock-absorbing capability in a short time.  Air and water filled cushions are prone to leak and fail and neither distributes weight and pressure as effectively as ProPoly cushions.

ProPoly products are made of proprietary  Akton® Viscoelastic Polymer, the world leader in preventing pressure ulcers in the Operating Room.  Now, ProPoly Cushioning offers this proven material in cushions that enhance long term comfort and head off issues before they can become serious medical problems.

ProPoly is licensed to sell Akton® Polymer for non-medical uses in Canada. We are also the Canadian distributor of Butt Buffer, a motorcycle seat cushion that uses the Akton® Polymer inside.

Whether you are driving long distances, working at a computer, operating heavy machinery, or need protection from prolonged contact with hard surfaces, ProPoly has a cushion to provide long term relief from the pain of pressure, while reducing shear and absorbing vibrations and shock.

Common features offered by all ProPoly cushioning products:

  • Shock absorbing
  • Evenly distributes weight
  • Vibration dampening
  • Supports weight without bottoming out
  • Fire rated as self-extinguishing

For real life stories about our product, read our testimonials.

“I sell this product because I use it and I know it works”.

- Patrick Surette, ProPoly President