ProPoly's custom-installed motorcyle cushions, or the Butt Buffer seat cover cushion make riding even better and long rides a joy.

Stock motorcycle seats are notoriously hard on the backside.  As a result custom seats and an array of cushions and other butt-saving options are available.  ProPoly is the Canadian distributor for Butt Buffer, an Akton® polymer seat cushion that offers outstanding durability and the comfort of all other Akton®-based cushion products.  In addition, ProPoly and its select distributors will customize any motorcycle seat by inserting fitted Akton® cushioning within the seat itself.  ProPoly has improved both stock and top-of-the-line custom seats resulting in total customer satisfaction.  The ProPoly insert, according to riders, improves comfort even of custom seats 100 per cent.  

ProPoly’s Akton® cushion distributes weight evenly, eliminating the pressure points that cause soreness and fatigue and preventing injuries that occur when the pressure cuts off blood and oxygen supply to tissue.

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